Planning a trip

An English dialogue about a trip.

Lucia is going on a trip with her friends. She invites Stephan to join them.


Play Dialogue

Stephan: Pass me the newspaper, please, Lucia.
Lucia: Which paper? The Independent or the Oxford Times?
Stephan: Oh, give me the local paper.
Lucia: Here are you. By the way, I’m going on a trip with some friends tomorrow, Stephan.
Stephan: Oh, are you?
Lucia: Would you like to come?
Stephan: Yes, I’d love to. I’m not doing very much tomorrow. Is Akiro coming, too?
Lucia: No, he isn’t going out. He’s giving a presentation at school next week.
Stephan: Ah, and Mrs Young is helping him!
Lucia: That’s right.
Stephan: That’s very kind of her. Where are we meeting your friends?
Lucia: We’re meeting them in town, at about nine.
Stephan: And what are we doing so early?
Lucia: We’re going to Warwick Castle.
Stephan: Oh, where’s that?
Lucia: In Warwick, of course! Look, here’s a map of England. Let me show you.