New friends

An English dialogue between friends who are going to spend a day out together.

Stephan meets new friends and wants to spend a day out with them.


Play Dialogue

Stephan: So where are your friends?
Lucia: I can’t see them. Oh, look! There they are — they’re getting out of that taxi.
Claudine: Sorry we’re late.
Lucia: Never mind. You don’t usually arrive late.
Marielle: No, we usually arrive early. But we’re glad you’re still waiting for us.
Lucia: Stephan, meet Claudine and Marielle. They come from Bordeaux and they’re staying at Heading-ton Hostel.
Claudine: Hello.
Marielle: Hi.
Stephan: Hello! I’m Stephan from Munich.
Lucia: Come on. Let’s get on the bus — it’s just leaving.

(On the bus)

Stephan: Do you like the hostel, Marielle?
Marielle: Yes, I do. The people are very friendly.
Claudine: That’s true, but I hate the food.
Stephan: We always have wonderful meals in our house!
Lucia: Oh, yes, the Youngs look after us. And I’m looking after you today.
Claudine: Oh, great! You’ve got some crisps — and some chocolate!
Marielle: Claudine doesn’t like hostel food, but she loves junk food …