At Warwick castle

An English dialogue at Warwick castle.

Friends admire Warwick castle.


Play Dialogue

Stephan: What a big castle!
Lucia: Yes, isn’t it lovely!
Claudine: It looks very old.
Marielle: What does it say in the guidebook?
Lucia: Let me see… it says it’s over a thousand years old.
Stephan: Look, they do a guided tour every twenty minutes.
Claudine: Oh, they’re boring.
Marielle: No, they’re often interesting with very useful information.
Claudine: Well, I don’t want to go on a guided tour. Lucia can tell us about the castle.
Lucia: Right, there’s an art gallery with portraits, there are rooms full of antique furniture, there are wax figures by Madame Tussaud’s…
Claudine: That’s for children.
Stephan: Is there a torture chamber?
Lucia: Actually, there are two of them.
Stephan: Full of mice and rats?
Claudine: How awful!
Marielle: Yes, they sound horrible to me.
Stephan: Okay, let’s have a look round outside.
Marielle: This is fascinating, but all this sightseeing is making me tired.
Claudine: And it’s making me hungry!
Stephan: And my feet are hurting!
Lucia: Well, there’s tearoom near here. Let’s go and have a cream tea.
Claudine: A cream tea — that sounds fantastic!
Stephan: Claudine, I think you’ve got a sweet tooth!