In the tearoom

An English dialogue between friends in the tearoom.

Friends are having tea.


Play Dialogue

Claudine: Have you ordered yet?
Lucia: Yes, I’ve just ordered four cream teas.
Stephan: And she’s asked for lots of cream for you.
Claudine: Has she asked for lots of jam, too?
Marielle: Yes, and some extra scones. Now sit down.
Lucia: It’s nice and quiet in here.
Stephan: Yes. There aren’t so many tourists.
Claudine: Have you ever had a cream tea, Stephan?
Stephan: I’ve never been to a tearoom before, so this is the first time.
Marielle: Mm, it tastes delicious!
Lucia: Is there any more tea?
Claudine: Yes, but there isn’t much milk.
Marielle: Stephan has used all the milk.
Lucia: Yes, he’s a real Englishman now — he puts milk in his tea.
Stephan: Oh dear, I’ve had too many scones.
Lucia: And I’ve had too much tea.
Marielle: I think we’ve all had too much to tea.
Lucia: And there are still a lot of things to do in Warwick.