Shopping for souvenirs

An English dialogue between friends in a souvenir shop.

Friends are shopping for souvenirs and just talking to each other. Suddenly Claudine has knocked something over.


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Claudine: Lucia, how long have you known Stephan?
Lucia: Not for very long. In fact, only since last Sunday.
Claudine: Oh, really? You’ve only known him for a week? He seems very nice.
Lucia: Yes, I like him. We’ve had a lot of fun together.

Stephan: How long have you been in Oxford, Marielle?
Marielle: I’ve been here since March.
Stephan: I’ve only been here for a week, but so much has happened.
Marielle: Have you been to Britain before?
Stephan: No, I haven’t. But I’m really enjoying it.
Marielle: What have you bought?
Stephan: Oh, it’s a little present for Lucia to say thank you.
Marielle: Oh, no! Claudine has knocked something over.

Claudine: What have I done? Oh, my goodness!
Lucia: Never mind It’s only a cheap glass ashtray.
Claudine: I’m really sorry How much is it?
Lady: Don’t worry, dear We haven’t sold any of them for years, anyway. People don’t smoke any more.