What lovely clothes!

An English dialogue between friends about clothes.

Mrs Young has bought some clothes for herself and for her husband. Lucia wants to try something on.


Play Dialogue

Mrs Young: Hello, Lucia! Look what I’ve bought.
Lucia: Oh, what lovely clothes!
Mrs Young: They aren’t all for me. I’ve bought some shirts and a pair of trousers for my husband.
Lucia: Mm, they’re smart.
Mrs Young: Yes, I have to buy all his clothes for him. And a plain cotton shirt is as expensive as a lovely silk blouse!
Lucia: This green dress is nice!
Mrs Young: I think the red skirt is smarter than the dress.
Lucia: And it goes with this red and white blouse. And look at this hat!
Mrs Young: Yes, we’re going to a wedding, and at English weddings you must wear a hat!
Lucia: Does Mr Young have to wear a hat, too?
Mrs Young: No, he doesn’t!
Lucia: Could I try it on?
Mrs Young: Yes, of course…. You look nicer in it than me!
Lucia: I love red.
Mrs Young: Oh dear. I don’t think this skirt fits me. It’s too small — or I’m getting fatter!
Lucia: Well, we can both go on a diet. It’s easier to do it together.