I’m short of money

An English dialogue between friends about money.

Stephan is short of money. He wants to borrow it from his friend.


Play Dialogue

Akiro: Hi, Stephan. How are you?
Stephan: Not so good. Life is getting more difficult.
Akiro: That’s bad news. What’s the problem?
Stephan: I’m short of money. Could you lend me some cash?
Akiro: Sure. How much do you want?
Stephan: Well, my parents are sending me a hundred dollars.
Akiro: That’s about sixty pounds. I can’t lend you more than twenty.
Stephan: That’s fine. I might borrow the rest from Lucia.
Akiro: Okay. I could get some money from the cashpoint this afternoon. You can come with me.
Stephan: Is it far?
Akiro: No, it’s just down the road.
Stephan: All right, I might come, then.

(At the cash dispenser)

Stephan: I haven’t got a cash card.
Akiro: You should get one. They’re more useful than cheques. You can get money twenty-four hours a day, and at the weekend.
Stephan: I’ve got a bank account in Russia, but I really must get an EC card.
Akiro: Yes, then you haven’t got to change money — or borrow it! Here you are — two ten-pound notes.
Stephan: Thanks. Well, you’re the expert – where should I change hundred dollars into pounds?
Akiro: A bank is always better than a bureau de change.
Stephan: Oh, Akiro, you can speak French, too!