I’ve lost my cash card!

An English dialogue between friends about the lost cash card.

Akiro has lost his cash card and wants to report it to the police.


Play Dialogue

Lucia: What’s the matter, Akiro? You look worried.
Akiro: I’ve lost my cash card.
Lucia: Oh, no! What are you going to do?
Akiro: Well, I’m not going to panic.
Lucia: Good. I’m sure everything’s going to be all right. Why don’t you report it to the police straightaway?
Akiro: I’m going to. But first of all I’m going to ring up my bank in Osaka.
Lucia: Have you got the telephone number?
Akiro: Yes, I’ve got it in my address book upstairs.
Lucia: Shall I lend you some money?
Akiro: No, thanks. Stephan’s going to give me back my twenty pounds this afternoon.
Lucia: Ah, here he is.
Stephan: Akiro! You aren’t going to believe this.
Akiro: I know. You haven’t got my money.
Stephan: Yes, I have. But I’ve got your cash card, too — I’ve just found it in my jeans pocket!
Akiro: Oh, thank goodness!
Lucia: Well, I’ve got some good news, too. Mr and Mrs Young are going to take us out into the country’ on Monday.
Stephan: On Monday?
Lucia: Yes, it’s a bank holiday.
Akiro: Let me explain, Stephan — but first give me my twenty pounds and my cash card.