A picnic

An English dialogue about picnic.

Friends are holding a picnic.


Play Dialogue

Mr Young: Hm, the petrol’s low. But we’re nearly there. We’ll get some on the way back.
Mrs Young: Yes, it’s only half a mile. Drive slowly and I’ll tell you when we’ve got a turn left.
Mr Young: Ah, here’s the perfect place for a picnic!

Lucia: I’ll unpack the food if you like.
Mrs Young: Stephan, could you open this bottle of wine?
Stephan: Certainly. And I’ll try it for you, too.
Lucia: No, you won’t! You’ll put out the knives and forks…
Akiro: … and the plates and glasses — and do it carefully. Mr Young will try the wine.
Mr Young: No, I won’t have any wine. I’m driving.
Mrs Young: No, no. I’ll drive back if you want.
Mr Young: Oh, will you?
Mrs Young: Yes. I’ll just have water. Is this my glass?
Lucia: Yes, that’s yours. Mine’s over there.
Mr Young: Well, let me pour the wine, then.
Lucia: Just a small glass for me, please – and for the boys!
Stephan: Oh, but it’ll be good for our English!
Akiro: Yes, we’ll speak the language more fluently!
Stephan: And we won’t make any more silly faults.
Mrs Young: We won’t make any more silly mistakes, Stephan!