We mustn’t leave any litter

An English dialogue about clearing up after a picnic.

Friends have just had a lovely picnic. They have eaten a lot. Now it’s time to clear up.


Play Dialogue

Mrs Young: We won’t want any supper tonight!
Akiro: No, we won’t. We’ve eaten so much.
Mr Young: Yes, we certainly have! But we must get back, and I need some petrol.
Mrs Young: Shall we clear up, then?
Stephan: Yes, and we mustn’t leave any litter.
Mrs Young: What are you doing with those empty bottles, Lucia?
Lucia: I’m going to put them in that litter bin behind those trees.
Mrs Young: Oh, don’t do that, dear. You mustn’t throw bottles away.
Mr Young: We’ll take them to the bottle bank next week.
Lucia: The bottle bank? Do you get money for them?
Stephan: No! It’s for recycling.
Mrs Young: Yes, you put green, brown and white glass into separate containers.
Mr Young: And there are paper banks and can banks, too.
Stephan: Haven’t you heard of environmental conversation, Lucia?
Mrs Young: You mean conservation! I think you’ve had too much wine, Stephan!
Akiro: I’ll put these bottles in the car boot — the green one on the right and the white ones over here.
Mr Young: You haven’t got to separate them now, Akiro!