English Dialogues

Improve your English with English dialogues.

Here is a table with dialogues in English. You can click on the first row and sort the list according to the dialogues’ names, levels of difficulty, topical tags, and audio availability. Also, you can use categories.

Where are you?BeginnerLocationYes
What's your name?BeginnerAcquaintance, NameYes
What's your name? (2)BeginnerAcquaintance, NameYes
What's your name? (3)BeginnerAcquaintance, NameYes
What's your name? (4)BeginnerAcquaintance, NameYes
What's your name? (5)BeginnerAcquaintance, NameYes
What's your name? (6)BeginnerAcquaintance, Name
This is my friend VickyBeginnerAcquaintance, NameYes
I'm AlisonBeginnerAcquaintance, NameYes
Are you John Thompson?BeginnerAcquaintance, NameYes
I'm Ron ThompsonBeginnerAcquaintance, NameYes
On the planeBeginnerAcquaintance, PlaneYes
This is a photo of my brotherElementaryFamilyYes
Hi, Tom. How are you?ElementaryAcquaintance, Name, ColleagueYes
Hi. Where are you from?ElementaryAcquaintanceYes
Buying some groceriesElementaryShopping, Food, GroceriesYes
Have you got any tea?ElementaryShopping, Food, GroceriesYes
At the terminalElementaryPlane, Airport, TravellingYes
A coach journeyElementaryTravellingYes
Meeting peopleElementaryAcquaintanceYes
I was wondering if you’d like to go outPre-IntermediateTelephone, Date, Asking outYes
l‘d like to make dinner reservationsPre-IntermediateTelephone, Restaurant, ReservationYes
I have an infected woundPre-IntermediateDoctor, Health, EmergencyYes
What a beautiful theater!Pre-IntermediateTheatreNo
What’s wrong, Eric?Pre-IntermediateStudy, SchoolYes
In the wrong roomPre-IntermediateApartment, Flat, Household, FurnitureYes
That was an interesting game, wasn't it?Pre-IntermediateSportYes
I'd like some information about tours of the city.Pre-IntermediateTravelling, Tourism, TripYes
Have you got this month's issue of Music for Teens?Pre-IntermediateMass media, MagazinesYes
Have you got the tickets with you?Pre-IntermediateTheatre, TicketsYes
We’ve been walking for hours.Pre-IntermediateWalkingYes
What would you like to do today?Pre-IntermediateCinema, PastimeYes
Can I help the next person in line, please?Pre-IntermediateMoney, BankingYes
And what would you like today, Mrs Verity?Pre-IntermediateShopping, FoodYes
I'm glad there's not much traffic today.Pre-IntermediateCar, Driving, RoadYes
In the tearoomPre-IntermediateMeal, TeaYes
I’m looking for something to wear to a formal partyLow IntermediateDress, Shopping, ClothesYes
I can't find my socks anywhere!Low IntermediateHome, RoomYes
Why are we sitting right at the front?Low IntermediateCinemaYes
These pants are too bigLow IntermediateDress, Shopping, ClothesYes
Are you ready to play golf?Low IntermediateGolfYes
At breakfastLow IntermediateMealYes
The lost keyLow IntermediateProblemsYes
Keeping fitLow IntermediateSport, FitnessYes
Shopping in townLow IntermediateShopping, Cooking, FoodYes
Planning a tripLow IntermediateTravellingYes
Have you decided what you’re going to order?Low IntermediateRestaurant, Meal, CaféYes
New friendsLow IntermediateAcquaintanceYes
I want to adopt a puppy.Low IntermediateDogs, PetsYes
I’ve got a complaint, I’m afraid.Low IntermediateHotel, ComplaintYes
Are you leaving? So soon?Low IntermediateDogsYes
It’s pretty cold today, isn’t it?Low IntermediateWeather, DogsYes
Shopping for souvenirsLow IntermediateShopping, ProblemsYes
I’ve lost my cash card!IntermediateProblems, MoneyYes
I’m short of moneyIntermediateProblems, MoneyYes
A picnicIntermediatePicnic, Drinks, EatingYes
What lovely clothes!IntermediateClothesYes
At Warwick castleIntermediateSights, WarwickYes
Where will you be flying today?IntermediateTraveling, Plane, AirportYes
Welcome to John F. Kennedy International AirportIntermediateTraveling, Plane, Airport, Immigration, CustomsYes
I’d like to rent a car for a weekIntermediateCar, RentalYes
How do I get to Stamford?IntermediateCity, DirectionYes
Let's look for a parking lotIntermediateCar, Parking, DirectionYes
Let me show you aroundIntermediateApartment, Flat, RentalYes
I’m calling about the apartmentIntermediateApartment, Flat, RentalYes
There are a few problems in my apartmentIntermediateApartment, Flat, Rental, ProblemsYes
You said you'd do the dishes?IntermediateHousehold, Chores, ProblemsYes
I was thinking of cooking dinner tonightIntermediateCooking, DinnerYes
I am your new colleagueIntermediateJob, Work, Acquaintance, ColleagueYes
How was your commute this morning?IntermediateJob, Work, CommuteYes
A telephone conversationIntermediateTelephoneYes
We have a few specials on the menuIntermediateRestaurantYes
At the post officeIntermediatePostYes
I am here to see a doctorIntermediateDoctor, HealthYes
I have to pick up some cough medicineIntermediateDrugstore, Pharmacy, MedicineYes
Do you want to go to the beach?IntermediateBeachYes
We mustn’t leave any litterIntermediateEcology, EnvironmentYes
A telephone callIntermediateProblems, TelephoneYes
Car troubleIntermediateCar, ProblemsYes
Brave studentsIntermediateHeroism, FireYes
Fully bookedIntermediateTheatre, QueenYes
Lunch in LondonIntermediateRestaurant, Meal, Eating, LunchYes
Sights of LondonIntermediateSights, London, ArtYes
You speak English normallyIntermediateLanguages, EnglishYes
An interesting meetingIntermediateShopping, London, HarrodsYes
The Flamingo Travel AgencyIntermediateTravelling, FlightYes
A House in LondonIntermediateHouseYes
An evening at homeIntermediateHome, TVYes
A job interviewUpper IntermediateJob, Work, InterviewYes
An American Working in LondonUpper IntermediateJob, Work, America, BritainYes
Flying from HeathrowUpper IntermediateTravelling, FlightYes
Life in Oregon, USAUpper IntermediateUSA, OregonYes
This is a wonderful partyUpper IntermediatePartyYes
Booking a Hotel RoomPre-AdvancedHotel, TravellingYes
New production and advertising strategiesAdvancedJob, Work, Business, Production, AdvertisingYes
How was your Thanksgiving?AdvancedHolidays, ThanksgivingYes
On jury dutyAdvancedCrime, JuryYes
Interview with football manager Ted DaviesAdvancedSport, FootballYes
I might’ve fallen out with my sisterAdvancedFamily, Life, RelationshipYes
We got to the bottom of the Smith murder enquiryAdvancedCrime, PoliceYes
Interview with prime minister (2)AdvancedPolitics, GovernmentYes
Jobless and homelessAdvancedPeople, Society, HomelessYes
English garden partyAdvancedCulture, Traditions, UKYes
Great travellersAdvancedTravelling, Countries, SightsYes
A Country And Western SingerAdvancedMusicYes
Where did you spend your honeymoon?AdvancedTravelling, FitnessYes
A visa interviewAdvancedInterview, VisaYes
Lawyer and a clientVery AdvancedJob, Work, Business, Office, LawYes
Walking in the parkVery AdvancedFamily, Friends, LifeYes
I have met someoneVery AdvancedRelationship, Life, FriendsYes
It’s been ages since I last heard fromVery AdvancedTelephone, LifeYes
Directors' meetingVery AdvancedBusiness, Job, OfficeYes
Have you heard about John?Very AdvancedFamily, LifeYes
Peter’s just spilled paintVery AdvancedWork, Person, LifeYes
Have you heard about Steve?Very AdvancedJob, Work, ColleagueYes
Teacher and studentsVery AdvancedStudy, Classroom, School, HistoryYes
Interview with prime ministerVery AdvancedPolitics, GovernmentYes
Hello, Mum!Very AdvancedTelephone, LifeYes
Partners' meetingVery AdvancedBusinessYes
I’ve come round to investigate the burglaryVery AdvancedCrime, PoliceYes
Shop assistant and customerVery AdvancedShopping, HouseholdYes
How was your day?Very AdvancedJob, FamilyYes
Interview with musicianVery AdvancedMusicYes
Where on earth did you get to last night?Very AdvancedFamily, LifeYes
Interview with classical musicianVery AdvancedMusicYes
Bringing up two kids is doing my head inVery AdvancedFamily, LifeYes
Poor chap!Very AdvancedFriends, Life, PersonYes
Television debate between politiciansVery AdvancedPolitics, GovernmentYes
I resent having to study for chemistryVery AdvancedStudyYes
Husbands and wivesVery AdvancedFamily, Household, RelationshipYes