Flying from Heathrow

Tessa speaks to Ann about her experiences at Heathrow airport when she went on holiday to Spain.


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Ann: I went to Spain a couple of weeks ago; I wanted some winter sunshine. I was going down the High Street and I noticed in the window of a travel agent a good package deal to Barcelona, in Spain. I went inside and I was able to put down a £50 deposit on a £200 package, which included a return flight to Barcelona and a hotel.
Tessa: Did you have any delays to the flight?
Ann: Yes, in fact, I did, although not as much as the delays people have been having during the summer months every year. I was probably delayed by about three hours all in all. I checked in on time at the check-in desk, but I was held up going through passport control, just by sheer volume of the queues. And then there were extra security checks on everybody, on our bags, they frisked us, and again that created long queues.
Then I finally got through into the departure lounge, and I thought well, I should be taking off in about an hour, and then on the monitor I saw a notice flash up for the flight that, in fact, we were going to be delayed another two hours, so I had to kind of pass te time and I went and I bought some drink and I bought some cigarettes and then I browsed through the perfume counter and at least that passed the time a little, but it is pretty tedious having to wait so long.
I thought the flight, in fact, would be from Gatwick, because that’s normally where charter flights go from. But, in fact, this particular one was f r om Heathrow and it is actually a very, very busy airport; it’s one of t h e busiest airports in the world. So I wasn’t surprised that, in fact, we were delayed. It seems to be standard now that you’re delayed in air travel.
Tessa: But you had a good holiday?
Ann: Oh, I had a wonderful time – I’d do it again!