Life in Oregon, USA

Shane and Deb come from Portland, Oregon, and talk now to Elizabeth about their state.


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Elizabeth: Shane, you’re from Portland, Oregon. Could you tell us exactly where Oregon is?
Shane: Oregon’s located on the Pacific Ocean. Its neighbouring states are Washington to the north, Idaho to the east, and California to the south. Oregon’s quite a big state. I would imagine it compares to the size of Germany, or a little bigger. It has its coast, its coast range, its valleys, its mountains, and it has a desert, toward the east.
Elizabeth: What do people do there? What’s the industry in Oregon like?
Shane: Well, the three major industries in Oregon right now are shipping, tourism, and logging. Shipping has been very, very good – of course, they’re shipping out all of the logs, many of them to Japan and other countries that are in need of them.
Tourism has boomed in recent years with the amount of outdoor recreation, and the timber industry has been declining in recent years due to the lack of available timber that is there and available to be cut down.
Elizabeth: The impression of the American lifestyle is often that it’s very, very hectic and fast-moving. Is that the way it is in Oregon, or on the West Coast?
Deb: Not as much as on the East Coast. The East Coast is known to be a rat-race, and the West Coast is very low-key, very quiet and peaceful, and people are not in a hurry to get where they’re going.
Elizabeth: Shane, have you had any funny experiences while travelling through Europe?
Shane: Well, I think every day has been hilarious, for the most part. It’s not often we get an opportunity to come over here, and thank God that we have the opportunity to come over, and maybe a little more so than other people do in my line of work. But, I would think rather than funny, I think the experience has been more heartfelt, and we find out that people throughout the world are generally the same in being helpful, and very hospitable, trying to accommodate you in any way they can.
Elizabeth: Getting back to Oregon, if one goes there on holiday, or on vacation, where can one stay? Does one stay in a hotel, or is there something like the English “bed and breakfasts” there?
Deb: There are very few “bed and breakfasts”. Mostly the motel – which is a smaller version of the hotel. That’s about it.
Elizabeth: How about camping? Are there possibilities for campers?
Deb: There’s a lot of camping done in Oregon. A lot of different sites, and that is vast – I mean, a lot of it.
Elizabeth: Is it possible to just set your tent up someplace in the mountains, or in the woods, or do you have to go to a campground?
Deb: No, you don’t have to go to a campground, but I think the majority of the facilities that are out there are wonderful. I think, you know, that they are not so confining, and you don’t feel like you’re in a parking lot with your little tent.
Elizabeth: So there’s lots of space, so you don’t really need to go out into the wilds to camp, even if you’re at a campground?
Deb: I don’t think so.
Elizabeth: It feels like you’re out in the woods, and you are.
Deb: Yes.
Elizabeth: Good. Do you camp, Shane?
Shane: Well, only when my wife locks the door and won’t let me in at night! And that’s about the only time that I’m really left outdoors. I was going to add, too, that if the camping spaces are full, we’ve got a little extra room at our house too, if anybody’d like to stay there!