The Flamingo Travel Agency

A customer is asking about flights to India.


Play Dialogue

Customer: Good morning.
Agent: Morning.
Customer: I believe you specialize in flights to Delhi and Kashmir?
Agent: Yes, we do flights to India and Kashmir.
Customer: Good, er … well, I want to book a flight for Delhi in the middle of September. Can you arrange that?
Agent: Sure we can. We have got an Air France flight which we recommend to travel to Delhi.
Customer: Can you tell me (the cost) how much the flight will cost return?
Agent: It will work out around £400 return to Delhi and a further connection to Kashmir will be at extra cost.
Customer: I see, and how long does the flight take?
Agent: The flying hours [is] around 9 hours and then you take a break and then connect a one-hour flight to Kashmir.
Customer: I see, er … can you arrange accommodation in Delhi?
Agent: Yes we can, we can give you accommodation in Delhi as well as in Srinagar on the houseboats.
Customer: Oh good, er … well could you make a reservation for the flight?
Agent: Yes, we can confirm the flight, hotel and everything – whatever you require.
Customer: Thank you very much.
Agent: You’re welcome.